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Five tips for quick and easy salads

Five tips for quick and easy salads

You may have noticed that we eat a lot of salads.  Although we live in New York City, we never got into the habit of buying lunch, so home-made salads are our go-to meal for lunch during the week.  Just like all of you, we are busy people who don’t want to have to spend our whole day in the kitchen making lunch. We’d love to source all of our ingredients from farmer’s markets and organic bins but often time does not permit us to do so.  In order to shorten our salad prep time, we have a few cheater secrets.

1.       Salad bags:

a.       We love a good salad bag. As long as it is relatively cheap and plentiful it is going in my shopping cart. We try to factor in the time it would take to chop up the vegetables when thinking about whether it is worth it.  Most of the time – it is.  We buy a huge bag of baby spinach and a cabbage or kale salad bag from Costco.  We use the spinach for shakes as well as salad so it is used up before the leaves start to wilt. 

2.       Prepare your veggies in advance:

a.       Taking some dedicated time out to chop veggies on the weekend makes throwing a salad together infinitely easier during the week.  It also takes less of your time in the grand scheme of things.  We invested in some lock-top containers to seal in freshness. 

3.       Choose your veggies wisely:

a.       We love cucumber and avocado but they just don’t hold up as well or for as long when prepped. They also don’t do as well on the commute to work.  There is nothing sadder than opening your lunch bag and finding your green avocado slices looking like brown mush.  We find that cabbage, carrots and spinach are a great base and last in our refrigerator.

4.       Choose your toppings wisely:

a.       Same thing as above. Non-perishable items work beautifully to top our bowls.  We have a large bag of walnuts, almonds, and mixed nuts from Costco (we do love that place). Bulk places are also great for non-perishable items like that.  We also use black beans and garbanzo beans, either canned or fresh. Our tofu we buy, freeze and defrost when we are ready to use it.  You can chop this up in a lock-top container and it will retain freshness for quite a few days. According to stilltasty.com frozen tofu will last up to 5 months in your freezer.  Follow that at your own risk!

5.       Raid your refrigerator:

a.       Elements of our dinner make wonderful topping on our salads.  If we have some extra roasted broccoli one night it is going in the salad.  If there is leftover unchicken nuggets from our last run to #seasonedvegan it will be chopped up and thrown in.  Use what you have and you will be surprised and the delicious combinations you will create.

What are your tips for making a fast salad?

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