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New York Eats: Quick bite of Cafe Ghia

Vegan Scramble with Tempeh

Vegan Scramble with Tempeh

Finding vegan brunch at a restaurant that will also keep you meat-eating friends happy is as easy as finding the Loch ness monster.  Read - NOT EASY.  It sounds crazy, but I have very very few vegan friends.  Few means two: June and Tami.. and I just met Tami a couple weeks ago.   Last weekend I had a friend come into town from Detroit and had to try to find a omnivorous spot for brunch in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Café Ghia to the rescue. Note - I only had one dish there so this is not a comprehensive review.  I was too excited to hold off my review.

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

  • This is deep in the industrial heart of an up and coming part of the city.  Bushwick has become a haven for artists and young professionals escaping high rents and matchbox apartments.  The area surrounding Cafe Ghia, is spoted with art galleries, a few ironic-looking bars and large warehouses. Given the mass exodus from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and speculating developers this area won’t have this look for long.

Ambiance: Coffee shop chic. 

  • This lovely little corner restaurant is the size of a small coffee shop with the skinny jean wearing, baggy shirt rocking wait staff to boot.  A bar area with vintage diner stools is on one wall, with small tables and chairs littered around the rest of the room.  They manage to squeeze a good crowd in without you smelling a stranger’s food while enjoying your own. 

Food: Caveat – Only one dish -  I will be back and add more to the list as soon as I get the chance:T

Vegan tofu scramble:

  • The generous plate has thick-sliced toast, and the most inventive scramble I have ever seen.  The tofu is chopped in cubes rather than scrambled with cubes of sweet potato, black bean mash like refried beans, sprinkled with fresh chives.  The result is filling without making you feel too heavy.  Overall a win.

Other veggie-friendly options include: vegan mofongo, a vegan burger and a host of other menu items that can easily be veganized.

Overall: 4/5

I was over the moon to find a breakfast place where me and my non-vegan friends could eat well.  The fact that it was in Brooklyn a few stops away from my friend’s airbnb apartment was the cherry on top.  Check it out now before the neighborhood becomes a wasteland


  • I almost missed this resto because of the subtle signage.  It is on the corner of Jefferson and Irving.
  • Get there early on the weekend.  Given the limited options in the area and the tasty food, this place gets packed.

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