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Toronto Eats: Tori's Bakeshop

We had a whirlwind trip to Toronto this weekend, marred by delays in air travel and an unexpected slumber party at a Newark airport hotel.  All the plans I made for sampling the amazing new vegan spots Toronto has were dashed.  I did managed to sneak in a couple hot spots and was especially impressed with Tori’s Bake Shop

Location: Toronto East (Beaches area): Toronto does have a beach area! While it isn’t tropical it is a cute area to hang out an eat treats

Ambiance:  Quiet and family-oriented.  The shop is a bright storefront on the famed Queen street.  Pastel colors and small nooks made into seating areas make it a wonderful place to relax with a cup of joe.  And yes, they do have wifi


  • Croissant - One word: heavenly.  It was light and crisp without being oily.  I loved that my hands were not greasy when I finished devouring it.  Non-The taste was rich without being too sweet, light but left me feeling satisfied.  5/5


  • Chocolate croissant – Take the review above and add chocolate.  Delectable.  Go to Tori’s Bakeshop and get that right now.  You are welcome.


  • Chocolate chip muffin –  Excellent.  It was dense and flavorful with just the right amount of chocolate chips.  It was big enough for us to share. The friendly attendant warmed this muffin to perfection.


  • Almond milk latte: “A” for presentation but a solid B+ for execution.  The latte tasted good, but it was not as hot and steaming as I am accustomed to.  I am nit picking

Overall: 4.5/5

Tori's bakeshop is the perfect venue for catching up with friends over dessert, or grabbing a quick coffee.  I can’t confirm that non-vegans would be fooled by the lack of butter in the pastries, but they will love the ambiance and tasty food either way.

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