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Five things to try at Eat Drink Vegan 2019

Five things to try at Eat Drink Vegan 2019

Eat Drink Vegan (EDV), has been on our bucket list for a long time. This festival boasts over 40 food vendors, more than 250 beverage purveyors, lots of clothing, shoe and accessory vendors, culinary pop ups and more. EDV sets itself apart from other similar events by offering unlimited pours of beer, wine, cider, kombucha and other specialty cocktails. To ensure a balance of exercise and gluttony there is an optional 5K and a yoga session prior to the festivities. Add some dope beats and EDV is our idea of the perfect day.

We’ll drink a few and buy some gear, but we are foodies to the core. Here is our list of the best things to try at Eat Drink Vegan this year.

Slutty Vegan

This is a no brainer. Slutty Vegan is a burger joint that has taken Atlanta (and the east coast) by storm. Using Impossible burgers patties and signature sauces, this is easily one of the most sought after vegan restaurants in the country. The dozens of cosigns by celebrities and their amazing marketing machine has made them a darling in ATL and beyond. They recently did a food tour where they sold out in cities everywhere from Baltimore to DC and New York. How they have gotten vegans and non-vegans to wait in cues of over 3 hours is a mystery we'd like to find out.  You might see us doing a light jog at the gate to make sure we’re in line for them first.

Temple of Seitan

With a name like that we can’t help but be interested. This UK outfit has been selling the best in seitan (or wheat-based meat substitute) in London for years. Temple of Seitan was a mere pop-up stand in the weekly Brick Lane market when we tried them back in 2015. They now have two brick and mortar locations and are only getting better.  We dare you not to salivate while checking out their IG page. Temple of Seitan we’ll be at your altar soon; we hope you bring the double down. 

Oatly Ice Cream truck

When we heard they were starting to make ice cream with oat milk we weren’t sold. As much as we love oat milk, we thought it would make icy, sorbet-like ice cream that was all the rage 10 years ago. Friends – that could not be further from the truth!  A few weekends ago we had an oatmilk-based scoop from Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Parlor and it was creamy, flavorful and delicious. We can only imagine how delicious it will be when the geniuses at Oatly give it a go.  Word on the street is that they’ll be selling pints in grocery stores soon. If they are using EDV as a testing ground, we’ll gladly taste test every flavor.

Donna Jean

We’ll admit it – we have never been to San Diego. That means we haven’t tried Donna Jean, which is a crime on it’s own. Everything on the menu is well-reviewed, but their pizza has been voted the best in San Diego for a few years now. Pizza happens to be our favorite food so we are pretty much obligated to try it. Click here to see their regular offerings.


We like our pancakes for breakfast and our waffles for dessert. It is a good thing that Vaffls is pulling up to the festival or we’d be out of luck. Take a look at their drool-worthy IG and we won’t have to tell you why this is high on our list. We also like what they’ve done there putting vegan and waffle together to get “vaffles”. Hat tip.

What vendors are you dying to try?

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